Introducing the Oil-on-Tap™ Dispensing Unit

The Oil-on-Tap™ Dispensing Unit works like a vending system; choose the amount of oil you need, dispense into re-usable jug.
No fuss or mess!

Ideal for workshops that use 250 – 1000 liters of oil per month (per product)

Oil on Tap. On spec. On hand. Fluid Management. Get yours today.

Why have an Oil-on-Tap™ Dispensing Unit in your workshop?

The Unit is provided free on loan to qualifying customers, providing them with:

Control and traceability
The end user can account for oil usage and view transactions remotely via the Internet. It’s all about staying informed. An itemised billing system and transaction history is available via the internet app, which further enhances traceability.

Peace of mind
Manual inventory management of stock is substantially reduced as the Oil-on-TapTM dispensing unit provides storage and online control thereby eliminating potential pilferage.

Minimise the requirements for small packs
The purchase of loose or smaller packs of lubricant products (5l and 500ml) is minimised.

Dispensing volume range
The unit accurately dispenses lubricants from 100ml and more as and when required.

Cost competitiveness
Lubricant is dispensed at a competitive cost per litre. Overall costs of lubricant management are lowered.

All services and maintenance costs are borne by your Oil-on-Tap distributor. This, of course, excludes negligence.

Oil is always on hand as required. The Oil-on-Tap distributor will take control of stock on hand, automated replenishment and billing. You needn’t place any lubricant orders.

The risk of inventory ownership and management of inventory resides with the Oil-on-Tap distributor – not the end user.

Environmentally friendly
The use of the Oil-on-TapTM  dispensing unit and the subsequent dispensing of oil into a reusable jug eliminates the use of a packaged product as well as the disposal of used packaging.

Only guaranteed quality lubricants are dispensed via the Oil-on-TapTM dispensing unit.

Benefits of the Oil-on-Tap™ Dispensing Unit

A first for the petroleum industry

Designed to revolusionise the way you store, handle and dispense lubricants within your work environment. We will illustrate how the Unit provides you with significant benefits in your day-to-day management of lubricant purchases, use and inventory control as and when required whilst paying for only what you use.

You can dispense the following lubricant product range:

  • Automotive oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Select auto care

Setting a new technical standard

No matter if you call it technical specifications or refer to it as specs, the reality is that they are all important.

Here is our set of functional technical components that raise the bar in tracking and dispensing the product you need.

  • Weight (load cell under tank)
  • Weight (load cell under jug)
  • Fluid (probe) & Flow control pump
  • Digital metering jug