An engineered advantage for your business, allowing quality control and quality products, convenience, improved cash flow and effective inventory control and reduced operating cost – all at competitive pricing.


The Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit is provided free on loan.  All services and maintenance costs will be borne by your Oil-on-Tap distributor.  This, of course, excludes negligence.

Dispensing Volume Range

The Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit accurately dispenses lubricants from 100ml and more as and when required.

Cleaning Up

No more dirty oil store!  No more half-used plastic or tin containers standing around in your work area.  The unit  contributes  towards the professional look-and-feel of your workshop

Peace of Mind

Manual inventory management of stock is substantially reduced as the Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit provides storage and online control thereby eliminating potential pilferage.

Cash Flow

You only make a lubricant purchase as and when it’s required thereby ensuring that there is no need for inventory holding costs – which is great for cash flow.  Cash is king in today’s society!


The use of the Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit and the subsequent dispensing of oil into a reusable jug eliminates the use of a packaged product as well as the disposal of used packaging.


The risk of inventory ownership and management of inventory resides with the  Oil-on-Tap distributor – not you.

Introducing the Oil-on-Tap™ Dispensing Unit


Oil is always on hand as required.  Your Oil-on-Tap distributor will take control of stock on hand, automated replenishment and billing.  You needn’t place any lubricant orders.  This reduces your administrative burden and effectively eliminates stock-outs.  Note that replenishment of stock can be done at short notice or as and when required.

Quality Assured

Only quality branded products that have the required specification endorsements are stored in the Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit, ensuring peace of mind.

Cost Competitiveness

Lubricant is disposed at a competitive cost per litre.  Overall costs of lubricant management are lowered.


All Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Units are branded with the Oil Company logo giving you further security that a quality-guaranteed product has been supplied by an approved distributor.

Itemised Billing

The unit logs each transaction for oil dispensed.  You will be provided with a web interface for all transactions regarding job management and control.  These features are offered on Oil-on-Tap’s touch screen interface.

Online Information

Online transaction viewing via the Oil-on-Tap™ internet app keeps you informed, whether you are physically present in your workshop or not.  You know exactly who dispensed how much oil, at what time and date – and this can be cross-referenced  with  job cards / vehicle registration numbers or other  information.