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Through our long term exposure to – and experience in providing equipment (the OilPro Oil Management System) to the oil – and automotive industries, we realized that while large vehicle and truck service workshops are well catered for in terms of equipment that control the usage of oil products from bulk tank to dispensing bay, no similar solution was available for smaller workshops where oil usage is around 1000  or less liters per month.

We identified the need (supported by market research) for a new way of dealing with oil products in the workshop, to help solve  some of the  day-to-day issues that they experience, such as unplanned stock-out, dirty oil stores, cash flow issues, stock loss  and low productivity.

– Paul Simpson, Developer, Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit

The proven concept of “vending” was identified as a way of making oil products available in the workshop in mini-bulk format.  With an Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit at hand, the workshop management

  • would not need to spend time and effort managing inventory;
  • would not need to worry about a dirty oil store;
  • would have control at hand, using the online transaction viewer;
  • would have a chance at improving productivity and seeing positive effect on their bottom line.


This, together with pressure to work and –  use products in a way that is more environmentally friendly, (i.e.  do away with expensive and environmentally damaging small plastic packaging for oil products)  influenced the design of the Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit.

A three year long development process kicked off in late 2010, bringing the first Oil-on-Tap Dispensing Unit to market in September 2013 in Gauteng, South Africa.  The product was designed and developed and is manufactured in South Africa.

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