ENGEN SUPER BRAKE FLUID DOT 4+ is heavy duty synthetic brake fluid blended mainly from glycol ethers and poly-glycols and contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors to enhance its natural corrosion and chemical stability.

It exceeds the two internationally recognised American Standards, viz., SAE J1703 and DOT 4 (Department of Transportation, USA). It also exceeds the requirements of the South African Government’s Compulsory Standard Specification (Gazette No. 4562) and passes all important tests specified for brake fluids, e.g. fluidity at low temperatures, evaporation, water tolerance, compatibility, resistance to oxidation and effect on rubber. Recommended for use in both disc and drum brake systems requiring both Dot 3 and Dot 4 fluids. It is also used in clutch hydraulic systems. Performance levels: SAE J 1703, Dot 4, S.A. Government mandatory requirements.

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