ENGEN SUPERCOOL LL  is a ready to use High Performance coolant based on a 50:50 mix of Ethylene Glycol / deionized water using Glysantin® G30 technology.

Based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT) it provides excellent protection against corrosion, cavitation erosion, water pump wear as well as system fouling. Its very low depletion rate ensures effective long-term corrosion protection of aluminium, iron, steel, copper, solder alloys and other materials found in the cooling circuit. It is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates, silicates and borates. It provides excellent engine and cooling system protection for up to 4 years. Engen Supercool LL provides freezing protection down to -37°C and boiling protection to above107 °C @ STP. It meets the requirements of ASTM D 3306 and ASTM D 4985. Engen Supercool LL is ready to use and no water must be added.

It can be used in all Heavy-duty diesel engines fitted with “wet or dry” liners, in both on and off-highway service, light-duty commercial as well as passenger car diesel and petrol engines.

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