ENGEN TRNSFLD TO-4 OIL SAE 30 is a premium quality TO-4 fluid, formulated specifically for transmissions and drive trains of equipment requiring lubricants having high levels of oxidation stability, the ability to reduce gear wear plus improved friction properties and elastomer compatibility.

The performance of these lubricants has been defined by the Caterpillar Company, as a result of comprehensive test evaluation of frictional requirements, wear tests and viscosity, chemical and physical properties, stemming from concerns that modern day diesel engine lubricants, meeting the Cat. TO-2 requirements, are placing more emphasis on reduced engine emissions than the transmissions protection and longevity. Although these oils have been classified in terms of SAE engine oil viscosity ratings, they have mainly been formulated for transmissions and drive trains only, and should not be used as an engine crankcase oil as has previously been the case of API CD diesel engine oils meeting the Cat TO-2 oil requirements.

Meets the following performance levels: Caterpillar T0-4, Allison C-4 .

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