Equipment FAQs

How much does the Unit Cost?

In return for placing the Oil-on-Tap™ dispensing unit free on loan at your premises, we ask that you: –   enter into an equipment-on-loan agreement with us;  and –   purchase the minimum combined consumption volume of 250 litres per unit of oil per month. A monthly rental fee of R250 per unit would normally apply but this is waived,  provided you use a minimum of 250 litres per unit per month.  We charge R1 per litre under-usage should you not reach the 250 litre per month mark. Example:  Usage for January = 200 litres.  We will charge you an under-usage fee of R50 for January.  Usage for February:  250 litres:  no rental  or fee is charged for February. The dispensing unit will be delivered and maintained free-of-charge and all deliveries/pump-overs are free of charge

How do you do business?

A:  There are two options: 1)  You apply for an account with us:  if approved after credit vetting, product is supplied to your workshop on consignment and we will invoice you weekly for oil used the previous week.  We ask that you pay as per the agreed payment terms.  OR: 2)  You purchase 210 litres (a drum) of oil upfront, we fill the contents of the drum into the unit and you use at your convenience, while you have the advantage of control and online transactions.  We replenish when stock levels are low,  on receipt of your next drum payment.

Can I still get an Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit in my workshop even if I do not use 250 litres per product?

Yes, provided you purchase the minimum combined consumption volume of 250 litres per unit  per month.  The 250 litres can be made up out of purchases via the unit and additional product purchases.

How do you decide whether to place an Oil-on-Tap TM Dispensing Unit at my workshop?

We need some information about the product you need.  In order to justify the equipment, each Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit must see a throughput of no less than 250 litre of product per month.  If you use more than 1000 litre of the same product per month, you may require a more comprehensive bulk oil system installation with tanks, pipes and pumps and other lubrication equipment.  Contact us at and we will assist or visit

The Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit is internet based.  In order to set up the Unit at your workshop, internet access is required.  You will need to provide access to your in-house Wi-Fi facility.  The Unit is also fitted with cell phone technology as a secondary means of accessing the internet.

Can we dispense oil out of the Unit even though it has temporarily lost connection to the internet?

YES.  All activity (dispensing, login using tags etc) is logged locally in the Unit.  As soon as internet connection is established, the information is sent to the Oil-on-Tap cloud server and is available for viewing via the Oil-on-Tap APP.  Your daily operations will not be influenced, you can carry on dispensing oil.

Can anyone download and use the Oil-on-Tap Internet App?

You can download the app, but it will not be of any use unless you have an Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit placed in your workshop and have been issued a username and password to access your dispensing transaction history online.

Of what use is the Internet App to me?

If you are managing a vehicle service workshop, you will need to know that your oil/lubricants products that you purchase are being used as intended. With the Oil-on-Tap Internet App, you can see what oil is used for what services, online and without having to be in the workshop physically to check. This means you can be on holiday but you can still log in to see that the oil is drawn by your staff members from the Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit, and what vehicles the oil is intended for. Our customers report a noticeable drop in oil used per month as soon as they start using the Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit. (Usage up to a third less than previously). With less wastage and control at hand to ensure that oil used is accounted for, the workshop wins all the way. You can also download the transaction history in a variety of formats, to reconcile with your job cards and to check that all product used have been invoiced. Transactions that have been invoiced out to your customers can be “marked as invoiced” online.

Do you have a smart phone app available?

In development.

Are dispensing transactions available immediately for viewing via the Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit?

Yes, providing the Unit is connected to the internet.

Do I need to worry about how much oil is available in the Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit?

No. Your supplier monitors the tank levels online and will replenish the oil when necessary, ensuring that you have oil available when you need to use it.

Lubricants FAQs

Can I buy oil from you even if I do not have an Oil-on-TapTM Dispensing Unit at my workshop?

YES.   We sell  Engen oil products.  You can purchase online, at our online shop.

If I buy online from this web site, am I buying the product directly from the product manufacturer?

No, you are buying products from Oil on Tap (Pty) Ltd.

What guarantees are there on the products?

Our lubricants products are Guaranteed Quality. Please contact us HERE and we will email you more information.

How do I know what the best product is for my specific operations or application?

Find the answer to the following questions, then approach your supplier for advice on their best product to match your requirements:

  • What do you want to use the product for?
  • What product does the manufacturer of the vehicle or machine that you want to service recommend? Find this information in the vehicle or machine operations manual.   It is recommended to always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the the type of oil.
  • Check the details and specifications of your vehicle warranty

I am still not sure what oil to use. I need specialized technical help.

We will contact Technical specialists on your behalf and provide you with the information that you require so you and your customers can be assured that you are using quality products in their vehicles.  If you service your own fleet you are sure to add to bottom line by only using the correct specification, good quality lubricants products in your vehicles.

Online Purchasing FAQs

How can I pay for the products that you provide online?

Choose the products that you need from our online list and submit your quotation request. We will email you a quotation.  If you accept our quotation, we will make payment and dispatch arrangements with you.

How much will I pay for delivery?

For purchases of R1000 and more, within 50 km radius of Boksburg, FREE DELIVERY

Do you operate countrywide (South Africa)?

At the moment we deliver in Gauteng and surrounds.  The countrywide facility will follow.

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